Duo Malva & Priks is experimental Estonian folk music group. Their accordion, vocals and body percussion create a thrillingly groovy rhythm and the sound illusion of a full band. They use the accordion as a universal musical instrument which plays most of the parts you hear in a rock band so it can turn into a guitar, a bass guitar or a keyboard. Plus the music is loud as rock! Whether they are playing runo-songs, bagpipe tunes or new folk, character and power go hand in hand with minimalism and simplicity. The dark and massive sound of accordion riffs makes the music fresh and interesting. Their music is full of surprises.

“The Duo’s well composed, thick and electronically seasoned tunes are the best thing in Estonian contemporary folk music scene so far. Duo Malva & Priks have synthesized sounds and have experimented with different sound effects that result in a record full of metallic vibrations, fast-paced rhythm and slithering echoes. Their debut album „Mässiv“ is easily one of the most innovative, exciting and surprising albums of the recent years.” (Aimar Ventsel, KesKus)