We share love for music, our roots and the idea of promoting tolerance and multiculturalism.
Through our music we show that every culture that grows out of earth, regardless of the distance between them,touches the same places in our souls.That differences between people should not divide – but enrich them.We found out that what is alive, has a pulse and – although cultures differ significantly – the pulse is often the same.That is why the combination of Africa and Poland comes so naturally – just like apples taste perfectly with cinnamon.
While exploring vast areas of ethnic music, Wild Apples make two distant elements sound perfectly together: Slavic traditional melodies and spirited ritual rhythms of African drums. And this is not just a superficial inspiration, but a deep and lively integration. This music is like a tree that grows in Polish garden, but its roots spread as far as Africa. Like an apple tree, that gives beautiful and juicy fruits, tasting very homely and exotic at the same time.
The particular strengths of the band are: interesting ethnic instruments (African drums and percussionals, balafon, violin, Polish accordion, flutes), exceptional arrangements, genuineness and great contact with the audience, thrilling Slavic melodies performed with traditional white untempered voices, powerful energy of drums brought from West Africa.

Here are some reviews after Wild Apples’ gigs:
“Your show was truly sensational. I never thought that I could be seduced by Polish folk music, but in your interpretation it is impossible to resist.”
“Your music pierces the body, pulsing in veins and warms my heart. Thank you for a magical evening!”
“Energy flowing down from the stage could start a Tsunami if there was any ocean nearby.”

– Golden Pipe – the Grand Prix award in „5th Dragon Folk Fest” (Poznań, June 2014)
– Storm of Applause – the audience award and III prize of jury in XXIII Polish Radio „Nowa Tradycja” (New Tradition) Folk Festival (May 2014)
– Grand Prix award in “Mikolajki Folkowe” Folk Festival founded by Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage – “for fire and charisma, harmony and consistency of concepts in uniting cultures: Slavic and African, and a return to the idea of folk” (December 2013)
+ a special award for the best singer of the contest for the leading vocalist Małgorzata Ciesielska-Gułaj