Eivør Pálsdóttir is the most recognized musician of Faroe Islands and she is going to perform in Lithuania on April. Eivør‘s career is in the peak. She is recognized by almost everyone in her country. She is the man of the year in Faroe because of hers achievements in music. No musician has ever gotten that great of honor by winning this award – Eivør is the first one.

Eivør Pálsdóttir is known by Eivør‘s name in musical world. She is a vocalist, song writer, instrumentalist, she has a voice of a rare beauty that is also powerful. Hers style of music varies from musical source of Faroese, traditional ballads to jazz, country, folk, European classical music, big band style, rock music with the taste of trip hop. This performer calls her style folktronica because of many styles are incorporated. For listener to see and feel this style fully helps sincere lyrics of songs that are performed in Faroe, English and Icelandic.

When Eivør talks about inspiration to create she says, that every situation in your life is filled with music. And she proves that in hers music. Eivør‘s music is earthly, with a secret from the north, immersive and emotional. Because of that this music opens sensitive parts of a listener’s heart and lets you feel it as your own life.

Eivør lives in Denmark. Her music is about love, lost, memories, freedom and nature. Her voice is unique, has a note of intimacy, virtuosity. Her live performances mesmerizes listener with a good mood and warmth.